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Our 4th grade students capped off their fun year of engaging field trips with a bus ride to the Techatticup Mine at Eldorado Canyon, near the state border with Arizona.  This famous gold mine is the oldest and richest in Southern Nevada. (more…)

We Are Over The Moon!

March 29th, 2016

We are quite literally over the moon here at HIS!
We are thrilled to announce our Middle School students came 2nd place in the 3rd Annual Meritas – Nord Anglia Film Competition!
Congratulations to Sydney, Liza, Jordyn and Ryan who created a magnificent short film, called “The Blob”.
Please join us in celebrating the achievements and creativity of our very talented film students. Each student will shortly receive a certificate of participation.
A special thank you goes out to the judges, who selected our winners.
Once again, well done to our students and off course teachers, who participated! (more…)

The Learning Support Team 

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The role of the Learning Support Team at Henderson International School is to support students at all ability levels and with different learning styles by providing intervention, remediation and enrichment opportunities. We collaborate with teachers in their efforts to advance students with different learning needs within the classroom, and we work with parents, students, and outside professionals in order to better advocate for the needs of all students, in Early Childhood through 8th grades. (more…)

Living History Museum

February 24th, 2016

4th grade students are working hard in preparation for their Living History Museum, next Friday, March 4th. Aligned to our Social Studies, Writing, and Reading standards, they each have been researching a famous American, including many Nevadans, and are creating a performance, a visual, and a technology presentation for the Museum. (more…)

One of our Guiding Principles is Collaborative Efforts. This principle is strongly evident this year in our Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), in which every teacher on our staff is a member of one team, or PLC, organized this year around the subject areas. Last June, each group brainstormed possible goals for the year. In August, after feedback from the Leadership Team, the PLCs zeroed in on two goals each for the year, along with an action plan to achieve those goals. PLCs meet once a month to work toward their goals. (more…)

Flag Raising Ceremony

February 10th, 2016

Henderson International School Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015.

Henderson International School Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015.

The first day of each week, all students and teachers from elementary and middle school come together in our courtyard for a flag raising ceremony and flag salute. Our color guard, made up of 4th – 8th graders, under the direction of Mr. Mike, raise first the U.S. flag, followed by the Nevada flag, then finally our HIS flag, while the Star Spangled Banner plays over the sound system. Finally, one of the color guard leads the entire school in the flag salute. (more…)

Guiding Principles In Action!

February 3rd, 2016

Guiding Principles in Action!

Here at Henderson International School, our Guiding Principles are:

  • Student-Centric Focus
  • Collaborative Efforts
  • Deliberate Practice.

An example of all three of these occurred last week when Mr. Cadena invited a special guest teacher to come in for the day and share her expertise with our elementary musicians. We asked our Musicianship teacher to tell us about this special event:

Mr. Cadena: “On Thursday we had a special guest join our musicianship class. Ms. Groberg is a middle school choir teacher who asked me to observe her and offer her tips on her teaching techniques. In return, I asked Ms. Groberg to visit with my students and facilitate some vocalization games and tricks with them.

I took this as an opportunity to get a fresh point of view from a new colleague on my classes and how I teach them. It was refreshing to hear my students answering her tough questions, with me realizing just how much they’ve learned here at Henderson International School. It was also a nice change of pace to see a different approach taken with my students, as she introduced them to some of her own techniques and methods. It is important for me to keep watching other teachers, to constantly learn so that I may offer my students new lessons, new ways for old lessons and watch them continually grow.”

This combination of putting the best interests of his students first, working collaboratively with like-minded professional peers, and seeking to improve the quality of the instruction he provides, is an excellent example of our Guiding Principles in action and the first-rate learning environment that our teachers provide every day here at Henderson International School.

Mr. John Heffron, Lower School Principal

Box Exchange

At Henderson International School we have a deep respect for the abilities of our youngest students. We believe that if we provide them with opportunities to connect with others and develop a greater awareness of the world they live in, they will show us insights into how we can all communicate and grow together. We have constantly been impressed with the work young students do when collaborating with students in another country or from another culture, particularly when we ask them to reflect on the experience and share their discoveries.

This year we’ve been very busy exposing our young children to different parts of our planet. We have done so through collaborations with schools around the world via a box. Our international box exchange project has been very successful. Sharing cultures through a box full of typical items from each country has allowed our students to engage, form global relationships, and discover the value of working with students who have different perspectives and ways of being. We think it is our job as educators to foster these experiences so that, as our students grow older, they can start seeking out similar opportunities and sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. To date we have exchanged boxes with India, Slovakia and Colombia. We hope to continue to find more schools around the world to join us in this experience.

Technology is a powerful tool for global collaboration as well. Our box project works well and was easy to get started, but we have also shared videos and pictures of our friends overseas via our iPads and computers. There are also many websites such as National Geographic Kids that allow us to explore other places and cultures without traveling. It has made the experience so much more real and valuable.

Ms. Lizette Fiumara, Early Childhood Team Leader

IMG_4180HIS pre-kindergarten through fourth-grade teachers had the opportunity to participate in Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) trainings to help us learn more about how students conceptually construct and understand math. We just completed Day Two this past Friday and will finish up with Day Three in January.

The CGI approach provides teachers with information on how children think about and learn math, and how they move through the various steps and stages to reach math proficiency.  CGI is inquiry-based and encourages students to teach each other by sharing their solution strategies rather than adults giving students one prescribed way to solve math problems.  The “one prescribed way” system of teaching that most of us grew up with tends to lead to too many struggling math students who get lost with higher-level math and end up hating it.

There are four stages that students move through in solving math problems.  Here are the stages with an example of how a student would solve a problem such as 6 + 5: (more…)

HIS020-2The role of the Learning Support Team at Henderson International School is to support students at all ability levels and with different learning styles by providing intervention, remediation and extension opportunities. We collaborate with teachers in their efforts to advance students with different learning needs within the classroom, and we work with parents, students, and outside professionals in order to better advocate for the needs of all students, in preschool through eighth grades.

The principal members of our Learning Support Team are Becky Wagner and Crista Sokolow. We bring years of combined classroom experience, as well as advanced degrees in Special Education. Under the direction of the Leadership Team, we help differentiate instructional strategies in order to personalize the learning for all of our students. Part of our role includes the use of formative and summative assessments to monitor student progress and achievement, assess and analyze student strengths and needs, and then design and implement appropriate instructional strategies to facilitate learning and growth.

Our Learning Support Team has been pushing-in to the classrooms since the beginning of this school year to help teachers do small-group instruction targeting specific Literacy skills.  In kindergarten, first, and second grades, this small-group Literacy instruction happens three to four days a week, for 20-30 minutes each day.  The classroom teacher works with a small group while the Learning Support teacher works with another small group.  This structure allows us to differentiate the activities that each group is doing, based on the needs of those particular students, with an experienced educator facilitating each small group.

As students’ abilities grow, they are transitioned either to a higher level of activities, a different group, or to independent Literacy activities.  In this way, we keep the groups flexible and adaptive – no student is locked into any given group for the entire year.

Another key aspect of what we do is our partnership and communication with parents. It is not uncommon for one of our members to participate in conferences with parents and teachers. Through these collaborations we can help identify ways to support the specific needs of a particular student.  This structure can also provide the students with continuity of support as they progress through the grade levels here at Henderson International School.

Our Learning Support Team is always working behind the scenes to ensure that students’ needs are being met across the grade levels. We strive to be an integral and valued part of our collaborative learning team, helping to fulfill our promise of a personalized learning environment here at Henderson International School.