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What’s for lunch?

August 5th, 2014

The first day of school is just a few weeks away!  HIS families who want to get a jump on the back to school preps can go ahead and order healthy hot lunch from our new caterer, Wholesome Tummies.

Wholesome Tummies provides yummy lunch choices that are prepared from scratch, including special diet options like vegetarian, and gluten, dairy or nut-free. To set up an account, just go to Create a log in as a parent, then set up each child as a “user.” The portions are different for preschool students and middle school students.

If you order 36 hours in advance, the price is just $5 and you have a choice of three entrees.  Rush lunch is $6, and you can order online right up until 8 a.m. the day of. You can also still order during the lunch hour, but the choices are limited.

Check it out! You can view the entire menu through the end of September and order now.












December 19th, 2013

Our bright morning of learning at Henderson International School was a great success! On Dec. 6, our new enrollment open house for pre-school and kindergarten classes invited parents and potential students for a day of developmental activities for children ages 2-4. Craft activities included a donut snowman, snowflake paint collage, sponge snow, tissue paper snowman and homemade play dough. The activities were fun and engaging for the children and showcased how we incorporate visual, tactile and sensory learning into everyday activities at Henderson International School.


Donut Snowman Snack – Tactile learning

Assemble as shown in video Materials: One large powdered donut, one mini powdered donut, one powdered donut hole, two pretzel sticks, one fruit roll-up (8 inch piece cut along the middle in a zigzag pattern) and one Hershey kiss

Watch the Winter Wonderland Video here:

Snowflake Paint Collage – Visual learning

Dip bottle brush tip in paint and press snowflake shapes on dark paper. Materials: dark construction paper, white paint, sponge bottle brush

Sponge Snow – Sensory learning

Spray the snow with water to allow kids to feel the difference in texture. They can also fill buckets of “snow” using sand shovels to improve gross motor skills. Materials: small white sponge pieces, water spray bottle, sandbox pail and shovel

 Tissue Paper Snowman – Sensory learning

Crunch up tissue paper to create eyes, buttons and corn cob pipe. This stimulates auditory and gross motor skills. Materials: Two white circles of construction paper, yarn to tie circles together, black construction paper hat, orange construction paper carrot nose, red and black 2″x2″ squares of tissue paper

Homemade Play Dough – Tactile learning

Cook on stovetop following this recipe flour, salt, water, vegetable oil, cream of tartar, smooth plastic holiday cookie cutters


For more information about our preschool program, any of our Winter Wonderland activities, or to inquire about our next open house, please contact Aimee Romero at

Summer Safety Tips

August 7th, 2013

Most kids like to dive into summer to relax, unwind and have fun. Warm weather brings more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, like swimming, 528983_387867777939284_41218770_nboating, hiking, biking and more.  Living in Southern Nevada presents some unique challenges.  The main things we all need to watch out for, especially kids, are sunburn, dehydration and ear infections.  Here are a few tips to keep kids safe:


If your child is going to be in the sun for extended periods of time, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, you need to be sure that he or she applies appropriate sunscreen to any exposed skin. Look for brands that offer a reliable sunblock made specifically for children, which are mild, PABA-free and hypoallergenic. You can purchase sunscreen at any drugstore or grocery store.


Anytime hot weather is involved, there is always the possibility of dehydration. Your child should drink large amounts of fluids, such as ice water, fruit juice and sports drinks whenever spending time outdoors during high temperatures. Freeze pops or popsicles, which are fun for children to eat, are a good way to prevent dehydration as well. If the temperature is sizzling around 100 degrees or higher, then the safest place for your child is indoors in an air conditioned room.

Ear Infections

Who doesn’t want to cool off with a dip in this Las Vegas heat?  But beware of swimmer’s ear, a common risk of swimming during the summertime. Although typical ear infections  involve the middle ear, swimmer’s ear infection can still be just as painful and often require antibiotics. There are ways to prevent swimmer’s ear, like using medicated drops in the ear after swimming to accelerate drying, prevent bacteria proliferating and causing infection.

Bottom line:  Have fun and enjoy your time off.  Just be aware so you can keep having a blast on your summer vacation!


Jump Rope For Heart

February 26th, 2013

Jumping rope is one of the staples of childhood activities. It’s fun, whether alone or with friends, and it’s fantastic exercise! Children still jump rope today, but now kids at the Henderson International School can get exercise and lend a hand to some folks in need at the same time! The American Heart Association hosts their annual Jump Rope For Heart event, enabling communities to have fun jumping rope while fundraising to help kids get their special hearts fixed. The events focus on engaging elementary and middle school students with jumping rope or playing basketball while empowering them to improve their own health and help other kids with heart-health issues.

The Henderson International School will be participating in this year’s event as part of the school’s focus on extra-curricular opportunities and commitment to community service.  The event promotes overall health by developing Heart Heroes, getting kids involved with helping others and also getting them off the couch and moving in a fun way!

Through the Jump Rope For Heart Event, students learn the value of community service and become empowered to contribute to their community’s welfare. They also join together in helping other kids with special hearts, as well as learning how to develop heart-healthy habits while being physically active. The jump rope and basketball skills they learn can be used for the rest of their lives, and student participation even helps schools earn gift certificates for free P.E. equipment!

The Jump Rope For Heart Event will be taking place on March 21 at the Henderson International School, with several kickoff events leading up. To learn more, visit the school calendar here.



We all took physical education (aka P.E.) in school. Sometimes we loved it, and sometimes we had to drag ourselves to class.  We played mindless games and occasionally broke a sweat, and for most of us that’s all we remember about P.E. But at The Henderson International School the path of learning is a little bit different than the norm, and P.E. is no different.

This different approach to P.E. is personified in P.E. Instructor Ricardo Baldizan, known around school as ‘Coach B’. Along with two other colleagues, Coach B instructs P.E. classes every day, working with almost every student at the school. Pre-school students attend a few times per week, and all kindergarten through 8th grade students meet with Coach B once per day.

Coach B focuses his classes toward developing new skills to help students stay healthy, get moving and learn about sportsmanship. Every day he comes up with new activities and skills that he wants to develop, and finds a way to incorporate them into the day’s lessons. He’s also sure to adjust things to the skill level of each age group, so everyone can participate.“Daily classes are great, because I get to really know the kids,” said Coach B.

When classes are playing volleyball, for example, upper classes will jump right into the game. Younger students though, who might not be able to hit the ball over the net quite yet, use softer balls and learn the basics of the game, so when they’re older they can jump right in too! The whole focus is on teaching real games, real sports, and real skills that get kids to enjoy their time and become better at moving.

Coach B has also found that kids who learn to love sports from the beginning get more involved as they get older. At Henderson International, team sports are offered for students in 5th through 8th grade. Coach B is in charge of the soccer program, and has seen many students go through the ranks to eventually play for his team. His biggest focus with this is to take the lessons they’ve already learned and apply them to good sportsmanship, the next step in the process.

“It’s about how they do – not how somebody else does,” said Coach B.

This focus on teaching his students how to personally be better, rather than worrying about beating other teams, exhibits the summation of his teaching goals. Coach B prides himself in these lessons, teaching hundreds of students over the years, including five granddaughters who have all attended Henderson International.  He wants his students to become better at everything they do, and starting from their first day in his class to their final days at Henderson International, they learn the fundamentals necessary to be successful in all of their achievements.

With all of these lessons, skills and accomplishments, it’s no wonder that the efforts of Coach B and the rest of the P.E. instructors have been considered by many to be the key that really puts the ‘Education’ into ‘Physical Education’!

Halloween is just around the corner and everyone’s excited for the fun. With just a few tips parents can make sure their child has the best time without worry. Visibility’s the name of the game this year, and we’ve put together a helpful list of safety tips to keep this Halloween season truly spook-tacular!

  1. Keep things visible when it comes to costumes. The Mayo Clinic and Safe Kids both agree that keeping things visible is the right way to go this Halloween season. With costumes, brightness counts! Whether it’s bright colors or adding some reflective tape, the easier it is for you to see your child the safer things will be.
  2. When it comes to accessories, limit sharp and opt for bright. Big, sharp objects at night can lead to obvious safety issues. This year, swap out your child’s sword or broomstick for a flashlight or some glow sticks. They can help your child see at night and they can help you keep an eye out as well!
  3. Opt for makeup instead of the mask. Masks are just one more thing that can clog up your child’s ability to see. This year, why not try using some simple makeup or face-paint? Makeup doesn’t move around, so your child will have complete visibility and the best chance to see all of their friends in costume! Visibility works both ways this year, so make sure your children can see you as well as you can see them!


Remember, Halloween is much more fun when you, the parents, don’t have to spend the whole night worrying about safety. Ghosts may be invisible, but your child shouldn’t be! Take advantage of these helpful tips and be prepared to have a truly ghoul-time!




During the summer months, parents tend to run out of ideas for lunch and snacks that are both healthy and interesting enough for the kids to eat. We tracked down some fun and unique ideas to add some variety to your summertime meals.  Let us know what you think!

  • Sandwich Pockets: a fun way to spice up your everyday sandwiches for parties or lunches



  • Blender Drinks: there’s nothing better than a cool, healthy drink during the hot summer days